Tusanga Mail is a mail service where your mails are encrypted when stored on our server. It works in such a way, that no one can decrypt and read your mails except if they have your password. This also means, that we can't read the mails that have already been saved on our server. This should in theory prevent hackers and thieves from reading your mails even if they hack or steal our server.

You password is only send to us encrypted using industry standard TLS. The encryption of mails is done using asymmetric RSA combined with symmetric AES.

Having the encryption and decryption take place on the server leaves the risk of someone snooping the password while our server processes your mails. We strive to minimize this exposure as much as possible without sacrificing the benefits of this architecture, namely that it allows you to use your ordinary mail client. If you are willing to put up with more hassle, other solutions may offer more in terms of privacy.

There are lots of bits and pieces involved. Some components have not yet been implemented as this is an early beta version. We would like to test the solution as early as possible. As long as testing goes on, we log quite intensively. We use this information to troubleshoot the system. Having this information is detrimental to ensuring your privacy. After testing, we intend to reduce the logging to an absolute minimum to protect your information. At this point in time we will also delete old logs.

So, in the meantime do not expect anything. Be prepared for bugs and crashes. In general no guarantees are extended and we may shut down our service without warnings. Lastly, do not expect you mails to be super-duper safe and secret - there is a reason for us testing the solution.

Now go mail someone!

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