Secure email - free from ads, data brokers and prying eyes


Governments snoop around. Email providers sell your information. Corporations loose them and hackers steal them. Staying safe is not always easy, but it is up to you what you do about it - you have a choice!


By not giving or selling data to data brokers and spammers. By not scanning your email in order to profile you or deliver targeted ads. By dilligently coding and carefully configurating our system. We have developed the sensible way to keep your personal stuff private. All while not placing extra burden on you with special devices and apps.


Tusanga offers secure and private email accounts. Emails are encrypted at rest. Spam filtering and anti-virus is complementary and you can use your ordinary email client.

Getting started

Sign-up now and start using you new email account right away! Point your email client to our server and you'll be on your way to a more private email practice.

We are currently in Beta and do not charge for our mail service while we are fine-tuning our systems.

Now go mail someone!